Chap. 1: A Running start

On February 10, 2014, in Uncategorized, by sailesh

Trip got exciting even before our first step got out of the house. The unplanned happenings during the planned schedules like the traffic gets us those bonus feelings of hurriedness, worriedness, and even buriedness and occasionally joyousness. It gets even better when we get all these feelings in a mixture. Some close family friends from India stopped by our house just before we started. Amid the preparations to start off on our week long trip and the hospitality to the friends, it was a Running start for us. Thanks to Suresh who dropped us at the airport promptly. On the way we discussed various mishaps from Spirit airlines in the past experiences of others. To summarize most of them were unpleasant like canceling of flights and common delays. Fortunately, our flight started with a minor delay.


At the airport during the journey, we meet an old friend from Madison whom I saw after 3 years. We were informed that he moved to Phoenix and was going back home for the weekend. He was kind enough to leave us at our hotel that late in the night. That was a double bonus as we saved some bucks off taxi and most importantly, got back in touch with an old friend with whom I played cricket in the same team.


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  1. Dan says:

    Enjoy the trip, Sailesh! Thanks for “bringing” us along!

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