My Experience with GM Diet

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Last Sunday I decided to follow GM Diet and started right away from Monday. My roommate helped me follow it as he has experience with it.

1st day: Fruits day (particularly melons): I had 90% of a big water melon and a cantaloupe for the whole day. My roommate restricted me to have only these fruits. He told me to stuff in another watermelon and another cantaloupe but couldn’t find any space in my stomach. Believe me it is a lot of fruit for a day. I had good amount of water. I was fine till lunch. But thought of having a little salt after that as I got bored of stuffing myself with only 2 fruits. But didn’t.

2nd day: Vegetables day: Hurray, I survived the first day. As per instructions I had a boiled potato for breakfast. My roommate gave me permission for a pinch of salt with that which saved me. For lunch I had 2 medium sized boxes of garden salad. For dinner, I had a whole cauliflower (steamed) and a cucumber for dinner. Other than those, through out the day, I had 3 carrots, box of steamed green beans, 3 tomatoes and of course, lots of water.

3rd day: Fruits and vegetables day: I got confidence for the 3rd day due to successful completion of 2nd day. I had 2 apples and an apricot for breakfast. Through out the day, I had more than half a box of strawberries, 2 big carrots, 1 of those garden salads, 2 oranges, 1 cucumber, a steamed mix of broccoli, cauliflower, carrot and lots and lots of water.  Looking forward for fourth day as I think it is the tough one for me as I am not a big fan of milk and I have to drink at least 3 big glasses of milk. “I can see in your face that you are losing some fat”, my roommate exclaimed.

4th day: Bananas and milk: As per instructions, I ate 8 bananas, 3 big glasses of milk and a bowl of GM wonder soup with only salt as the seasoning, over the course of the full day. And lots and lots of water. In the evening my stomach started grumbling and I had to use restroom quite a few times.  On the whole leaving the evening everything went well and I survived the toughest day as per my view.

5th day: Dal and tomatoes: 6 tomatoes, a bowl of tomato dal (to substitute 20 ounce beef as per instructions) and 2 bowls of wonder soup was my diet for the whole day. I had a lot of water as usual. I promised my self a good burger at Red Robin after the week. I heard that people follow this diet do promise themselves some of their high calorie favorite foods like biryani after the week. Funny, its not even a week by now and I started missing my old fatty foods.

6th day: Vegetables and Dal: Again I declared war on vegetables as I was not stuffing myself a lot from the last two days. I had good amount of spring mix salad (no dressing) for lunch along with a carrot. For dinner I had a small bowl of Ridge Gourd Dal. Other than that, I had a tomato, another carrot, half of a cucumber in between meals. Water too of course.

7th day: Vegetables, fruit juices, and Dal: War continued on to the last day on vegetables and to show my dominance I added fruits to the list of enemies. Among vegetables, I defeated 2 carrots, bunch of that spring salad (no dressing), a cucumber, good amount of steamed broccoli, and few salad tomatoes. Coming to fruits, I crushed 3 apples, a water melon into juices and drank them. Had a pomegranate too. For dinner I had some spinach dal. Lots of water helped me during the war.

Final result: After a long time I had victory on my uneven diet and weight as I lot 8 pounds (~3.5 kg )over the week. This is a big victory for me in recent times. So, to celebrate it I decided to replace one of my meals in a day with fresh stuff, decrease the intake of oily foods, potatoes and rice as much as possible. To commemorate this victory, I decided to follow this diet once in every 2 months. Lets hope I keep on dominating my weight. Lets hope I don’t go to Red Robin.


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  1. Archana says:


    thanks soo much for sharing all the details so well .. i’m on my day 5 of the diet .. n your article gave me a lot of detemination to see it through .. and your concluding thoughts are ditto mine … :-) .. all the best for your future diets .. n do share if you try something interesting ..

  2. Diane says:

    So how did it turn out? The screen onky shows day1-6 and half of day 7……
    I’m on Day 1 at the end nearly.

  3. Berry Tapio says:

    I had not been to My Experience with GM Diet before but I am glad I did now! Keep up the good work!

  4. sri says:

    Are we permitted to consume salt and spice? I’m confused about that.
    Can brown rice and tofu replace dal?

  5. Preksha says:

    U followed the diet quite well. I am in second day of thia diet and its tough. i feel like giving up. But trying not to.

  6. sailesh says:

    sorry for a late reply…. I think you can check my 7th day and final result sections too.

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